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Care2Run was founded in 2015 as a non-profit social enterprise under Wildpac Asia PLT. Through sports and digital programmes, we transform the lives of the under-served and forgotten children of society.

Care2Run embraces the most under-served and forgotten part of our community, which include youngsters with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, and many more. While others shy away, we resolutely give them a fighting chance. We strive to transform their lives through individualized sports, empowering them to become leaders and achievers of tomorrow. Every child’s true potential is discovered through Care2Run.

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Care2Run continues to expand its programs through evidence based research and application across Malaysia, Japan, United States, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Bahrain and South Africa. We promise our participants a safe and inclusive community of friends, families, volunteers, and motivated coaches; so that they may gain the courage to flourish on their own respective journeys of growth.

We adopted “Transforming Lives Through Sports” as our tagline. The term ‘sports’ is often viewed as synonymous with structured competitions that are conducted for entertainment.

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