Katakan Hai Kepada Amirul

Apabila kami berborak, memang tidak disangka anak muda ini baru berumur 15 tahun. Dia bijak mengambil hati orang sekelilingnya dengan karakternya yang konfiden dan kelakar, lebih-lebih lagi apabila kami berborak tentang topik kegemarannya: kumpulan nasyid Raihan dan Rabbani, hobinya iaitu menari dan lebih-lebih lagi, Care2Run.

Say Hello To Uma

The past couple of years have been challenging for Sanjiivan, his mum Uma says. Having lived in Brunei for many years, 16-year-old Sanjiivan found it hard when the family decided to return to Malaysia in 2017. And what made matters worse, Uma, a teacher of over 20 years, explains, is that Sanjiivan had few friends here. Joining the Care2Run Foundation Programme, however, has been a lifesaver of sorts.

Say Hello To Finas

Few people understand the challenges dads and mums of differently-abled children face. On the surface, of course, parents are concerned about their children’s development. However, there is, often, also anxiousness and gloom when parents feel like they’re struggling on their own. Finas, a mum to three young children, says this is why she’s so grateful to have stumbled upon Care2Run.