Our Milestones

Since Care2Run’s inception, we have been driven by one goal: to give young people an alternative opportunity to develop themselves through sports.

Our pioneer team met through various community outdoor activities, and experienced first-hand how sports benefitted individuals, families, and especially young people.

So in 2015, with a vision to give back to our communities, the Care2Run team explored, researched and introduced our pilot programme – an 8-week sports mentoring programme for young people from financially-challenged families and welfare homes.

To provide world-class inclusive developmental programmes for the differently-abled community to be gainfully employed.
We give our utmost best to build a world-class team that consistently upholds Care2Run’s values. Fundamentally, we not only aim to sustain ourselves but also to grow internationally.


University Malaya (UM) Blue Cap Relay Run

The children of Care2Run worked gracefully alongside our volunteers and coaches to raise funds for prostate cancer awareness by participating in University Malaya’s Blue Cap Run. All 108 participants under the Care2Run banner endeavoured to complete their 3km run.


International Meetings in Japan, Hawaii, and Thailand with Like-Minded Organisations

Care2Run had the opportunity to visit a handful of top special needs schools in Japan, Hawaii and Thailand on an international trip. One of the highlights of the trip involved the visit to a top special needs development institution in Japan – University of Tsukuba.

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia provided a RM50,000 grant to Care2Run

The 16th of November marks the unveiling of a ceremony in which a RM50,000 cheque was presented to Care2Run. The ceremony was held in Bursa’s office located in Kuala Lumpur.


KL Bar Run 2018

This event on 21st January 2018 was an opportunity for the children of Care2Run to give back while showcasing their entrepreneurial skills. These little entrepreneurs made cakes and cookies, with the aim of selling them at the event to raise funds for Care2Run. They zealously sold mixed nuts and t-shirts too. Overall, the children raised RM2,500 for Care2Run which was RM1,000 above the targeted amount.

KL Bar Run

Care2Run begins the year by taking part in KL Bar 2019. A massive contingent of 25 kids run participants, 16 relay runners and a support crew of some 70 people (comprising volunteers, Care2Run senior and junior coaches, parents, friends and running mentors) turn out at the event.

The First Feature on BFM Radio

Denise and Sandra were featured on BFM’s radio podcast as Care2Run representatives. The headlined topics of the podcast centered around the beginnings and goals of Care2Run. It was an authentic discussion that drew a spotlight on their underlying thoughts and feelings regarding Care2Run’s journey.

Funxercise & #Care2Dance Challenges

During the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), the declining mental and physical health of the affected citizens in the area was brought to our awareness; we began hosting Funxercise sessions to tackle the issue. Utilising the Care2Run house as our venue, we conducted online cum on-site sessions for a restricted number of participants. The team at Care2Run was deeply moved to watch the videos of 92 individuals participate in our #Care2Dance Youtube challenge.

Funxercise & #Care2Dance 2021 Interns Challenges

During the Conditional Movement Control Order (PKPB), many activities of daily living were restricted to avoid contact with each other. The Interns in our company also have to work from home to complete their tasks. So, mental health starts to deteriorate even physically they will be affected. We discussed and finally we started organising Funxercise sessions to address the issue. Using the Care2Run house as our venue, we conducted online sessions teaching them some unique movements to move their muscles to be active.

The team at Care2Run was overwhelmed to watch a video of 14 individuals participating in our #Care2Dance 2021 Interns Youtube challenge. They have shown incredible enthusiasm in showcasing their talents to the public.

Initiation of Helping Hands

As we continued to expand our programmes, we required interns who had specific talents and characteristics. Consequently, we created Helping Hands, a recruitment programme focused on identifying and hiring interns and volunteers to support Care2Run. Helping Hands focuses on the talent search process up until the onboarding process. Through the launch of Helping Hands, Care2Run now has a more concerted hiring process, and interns can receive a more customised and fulfilling working experience.

Xtraordinary Digital Studio Launch

The launch of Xtraordinary Digital Studio in the Care2RunHouse was held on 9th April 2021. The purpose of this studio is to create learning and job opportunities for differently-abled youngsters. The studio is full of various types of equipment that has either donated or bought with the funds raised in December 2020. Besides, it also serves to sustain Care2Run as studio rental, photoshoots and editing services are offered to external parties.


United Voice

With the help of United Voice, Xtraordinary Digital
School was able to express their shared love for food
photography and had the opportunity to further
improve the Photography skills of their members.
Differently-abled and under-served students as
well as their parents participated in the event with
enthusiastic glee to complete their tasks within the
workshop program with flying colours and soared
above like the Xtroardinary doves they are.

4-Day Workweek

Starting on the 29th of July 2022, we transitioned to a 4-day work week for all eligible employees, aiming to enhance work-life balance and overall well-being. This change would improve productivity and job satisfaction, reduce commuting time and expenses, and provide more opportunities for personal pursuits. We definitely have to make sure we spend our time wisely hence!


Fun Football Season I & II

Our forever growing and trending Programme, Weekly FunFootball, was first announced on
May 30th. Since then we ended both season with nothing but a BIG bang! Our Programme was hosted at Taman Aman Park. Care2Run saw any obstacle and turned it into a challenge that can be overcome by coming together as a community and solving it creatively with passion.

Functional School

In August, Xtraordinary Digital School began a project with an enthusiastic student named Kobe. Functional School is pivotal in nurturing pre-vocational skills such as Living Skills, Social Codes, and Emotional Regulation. Kobe’s remarkable progress exemplifies that education and personal growth know no bounds, demonstrating that anyone can achieve their goals with determination

Do Good Project

The Do Good Project is an endearing memory for Care2Run as it was one of our first events before Care2Run was officially established as an organisation.

The one-off outdoor community event served 90 underprivileged children from 2 welfare homes in partnership with Divine Life Society and MySkills Foundation.


Gift of H.O.P.E

Care2Run initiates Gift of H.O.P.E. by Care2Run for UMMC breast cancer survivors through the facilitation of exercise therapy in nature.

Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) sports medicine doctor and lecturer Associate Professor Dr Mohd Nahar Azmi and Professor Dr Nur Aishah Md Taib, Head of Breast Cancer Surgery at UMMC, joined as Care2Run advisors to actualise the event.


Allianz-Pacesetters Relay 2018

Care2Run participants took part in Allianz-Pacesetters Relay 2018. Many participants finished strong with medals, while Care2Run Junior Mentors and Junior Coaches, who graduated earlier in the year via the Junior Leaders Programme, provided support to the slower paced participants.

Junior Leaders Programme (JLP) 1

The programme charts an unprecedented landmark with the graduation of 11 junior sports coaches via its pioneering Junior Leaders Programme (JLP). It is always a thrilling honour to see the children of Care2Run prosper as a result of being touched by our work.


Foundation Programme 7.0

Care2Run conducted the programme for 15 participants on the 12th to the 15th of October at Space Rubix, Taman Aman Park and Tadika Diyana. The programme was made a success as a result of our fellow junior coaches, who have all previously graduated from our Junior Leaders Programme (JLP).

AYER Celebrate Life Walk and Fundraising

On the 17th of February, we collaborated with AYER Bukit Puchong and Bid Pro Direct to host a showroom to raise funds and organise a walk which was participated by 68 individuals from Care2Run. A total of RM3,000 was raised from the event, and 20 children and their caretakers were generously sponsored by the AYER group.


Inclusive Smartphone Photography Programme Piloting with Seven Participants


A kind volunteer worked with us to design and pilot a smartphone photography programme. The programme enlightened 7 differently-abled youngsters as they were given the opportunity to learn the theories surrounding photography. The youngsters were additionally taught how to apply the relevant concepts through a hands-on experience involving their own photography sessions.


Regional FunXercise

Regional FunXercise is a virtual programme designed to empower youths with learning differences with fun and energetic classes and a dance challenge at the end. The objectives are to make physical activity more accessible, explore creativity through movement, and give youth with learning challenges opportunities to meet and interact.

World Down Syndrome Day with ORKIDS

On 21st March, which is World Down Syndrome Day, Care2Run collaborated with ORKIDS to create awareness about Down syndrome and support their organisation. 100 portraits and nine videos of children from ORKIDS were produced. Care2Run put in about ten days of ‘heart work’ to make this feat possible.

Special Olympics Selangor

On May 22, 2022, Care2Run and Xtraordinary Digital
School joined forces with Special Olympics Selangor for the State Games, marking one of their first post-pandemic physical events. They documented the joyful moments as young athletes participated in various sports, capturing the exuberance and resilience of these athletes. It was a heartwarming event that showcased the enduring spirit of these young athletes.

KL Bar Run 2023

On January 15, Care2Run kicked off the year with the KL Bar Run 2023 at Metropolitan Park in Kepong, Malaysia. Ten Care2Run relay teams, with 40 runners and volunteer pacers, were supported by numerous family and friends. Generous sponsors, including law firms Zarina Loh & Wong and Kevin Wong & Partners, made this event possible.

FunFootball Community
Day x Maybank

On the 19th of August, Care2Run collaborated with Maybank for a community day filled with fun and creative expression. It was an event that enabled special parents & participants to connect and make friends with like minded individuals. It included meaningful activities within a safe space meant for neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals
to have fun!