At Care2Run, we thrive on the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.

From mentoring a young person with learning differences to being a supporter on the sidelines and a champion behind the scenes, there are various means by which one can assist us in our mission to improve the lives of young people.

Our volunteers are typically adaptable, dynamic, positive and patient individuals who are able to make a regular commitment to help us grow our programmes.

Meet some of our dynamic volunteers. Would you like to join them?

Salasiah Shafii
IT Support Executive

Rayan Loke
Security Consultant

Suganiya A
HR Specialist

Wendi Sia

Cason Ong
Sales Manager

Mawi Majid
Art Director

If you’d like to volunteer with us or chat about how you can help, get in touch


Because we interact with young people, we employ a strict volunteering and indemnity policy, and require that all our volunteers attend a half-day orientation programme. To sign up as a volunteer and for details on our volunteer policy go


For details on our Volunteer Orientation Programme go