Foundation Programme

The Care2Run Foundation Programme is a structured 10-week, one-on-one mentoring programme with eight specific activity modules.

Each session lasts about three hours.

Each week, the coaching team introduces different lesson plans with different exercise sequences and games, such as Dodgebee Connect, a game involving a durable and safe flying disc that’s designed to break the ice with participants.

Mentors in this programme include adult working professionals of varying fitness levels, all-rounder teens as well as graduates of the Care2Run Junior Leaders Programme.

What Our Volunteers Say

David Wong is an electrical engineer who works in the security access and surveillance industry. He got to know about Care2Run through Facebook and was drawn to our programmes for differently-abled children.

“I was involved for a session over a few months mentoring two children under my care. It was very encouraging to see them gradually grow to be more confident in themselves & more independent in their interaction with others.”


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