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“An organisation like ours is always in need of driven and dynamic persons who are self-motivated, proactive and above all, compassionate.”

Are you someone who is looking to make a change? Do you want to gain real work experience in an environment that is flexible, lively and fulfilling?

We provide careers and internships to welcome everyone who would like to contribute and make an impact on the underserved community and differently-abled children. If you are interested to work in a flexible, energetic and rewarding environment, Care2Run is the right place for you. We have opened our internships programme to both local and international students. We provide both remote and on-site internships to fit your needs.

Please see the available positions below for our careers* and internships.

Here are a number of videos which offer snapshots of the internships experience.

*There are currently no full-time positions available at Care2Run. However, feel free to send us your details via email to in order to discuss prospective careers and for any further enquiries regarding careers and internships.

Available Internship Positions

  • Crafting precious gems of content! From scripting to final cut, painting social media with stories that sparkle
  • Collaborating across teams to sculpt compelling content for the cause’s website
  • Shouting diversity & inclusion from the digital rooftops! Spreading awareness through vibrant social media tales
  • Empowering exceptional individuals*, nurturing skills and dreams for a compassionate society
  • Customising traditional courses for diverse learning styles, promising an inclusive educational adventure to empower communities for a lifetime
  • Break your psychological boundaries to support your mentee be the best version they can be
  • Designing XD Programme modules to enrich education and empower communities
  • Guiding special students with tailored coaching, focusing on mental well-being or special learning needs
  • Crafting engaging educational content with PowerPoint, Canva or Adobe suites, ensuring learning access for all.
  • Collaborate to enhance digital solutions — whether as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer — making a positive community impact
  • Code efficiently using Web Development languages, ensuring an accessible and streamlined online experience for exceptional individuals*
  • Utilise WordPress for secure and innovative digital environments that empower communities for a lifetime.
  • Propose back-end development improvements.
  • Recruit interns and volunteers for impactful projects at Care2Run and XD School, shaping a brighter society
  • Manage human resource documentation at Care2Run and XD School
  • Ensure top-notch intern training at the organisation
  • Craft SOPs for streamlined processes
  • Advertise opportunities widely, attracting passionate change-makers
  • Collaborate with universities and non-profits, expanding programme impact worldwide
  • Engage in uplifting underprivileged communities, collaborating for positive societal change with co-founder Prem
  • Efficiently manage finances, programs, and personnel for a brighter organisational future
  • Minimise risks and boost scalability for a sustainable and impactful contribution
  • Analyse challenges, propose solutions, and master pitch deck creation for increased visibility and influence
  • Optimise operations within our social enterprise, aligning with our mission for a positive societal impact

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Our Changemakers

Many of our interns made a lasting impact with their contributions. Yasmin (left) was a pioneer member of the Helping Hands Team, while Malha (right) set up the production studio for Xtraordinary Digital School.

Meet our very own Customer Service Apprentice, Ryan Choo. He’s here to help anyone who has any questions about us.

Mikhail is our Video Editing Apprentice. He’s the creative mind behind many of the videos on our YouTube channels.

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