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Making Friends, Singing Songs, Going The Distance

(This article first appeared on Care2Run’s Facebook page on Sept 22, 2018.)

YES it’s a run in the heart of the city. But it’s also an opportunity to make friends and forge lasting bonds.

Last Sunday’s run practice session was particularly remarkable as it saw Bursa Malaysia staff and Care2Run participants not just running together in preparation for the upcoming Bursa Bull Charge (BBC 2018), but laughing, joking and even singing together.

Leng Leng, who has been with Bursa Malaysia for over 20 years, says she thoroughly enjoyed the session on Sept 16.

“My mentee Ken Shern was telling me about his favourite food and his hobbies as we walked,” says Leng Leng, adding that she was impressed by how Ken Shern was determined to try his best to complete the distance.

Sazura, herself a participant, was equally moved by the tenacity shown by many of her fellow participants.

“Some of them could only walk slowly but they still wanted to finish. It makes you feel that if they can do it, we all should also be able to do it.,” she says.

And what of the singing?

“My mentee Ne Fong loves to sing. He was singing Jay Chou and Mayday songs and he knew all the lyrics.

“We love the same songs and have the same interests. It was really easy communicating with him.

“After a couple of rounds of running he said he was tired. I said it’s all right, we can walk. So we walked and he sang,” says Danny, another of the run mentors, who has been with Bursa Malaysia since 2004.

Wanna be part of the fun? Come join us at Taman Aman Park in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, Sept 23 at 7.45am if you happen to be in the vicinity. We’ll take a morning stroll and then a little jog and maybe even sing some songs.

The Para Run component of BBC2018 is a joint partnership between Yayasan Bursa and Care2Run. To register go here: https://goo.gl/forms/PwlG0HFmV71IckXs2. For more details say hello to us at hello@care2run.my or via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/care2run

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