How A Child Grows With Care2Run

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Care2Run’s programmes are devised as phase-by-phase platforms, with each phase important for the development and growth of a child.

Our experience in supporting young people with different learning needs and young people from under-served communities has led us to believe that a phased platform – which builds progressively on the foundation of our one-on-one mentoring method – is the best mode for instilling confidence, self-belief and setting young persons on the path to realising their potential.

Junior Leaders Programme (JLP)

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Just Keep Swimming – APCD Disability Inclusive Sports 2018 forum (Day 3)

The Care2Run team is attending the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability’s (APCD) programme on disability-inclusive sports from July 1-10, 2018. And in Part 3 of Coach Chloe’s exclusive video diary from Bangkok, Thailand, it was all about the pool! There was lotsa learning, lotsa fun and lotsa medals for Team Malaysia.

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Making Friends – Care2Run at APCD Disability-Inclusive Sports 2018 (Day 6)

We couldn’t be more proud of Care2Run Junior Leader Max who connected with participants and facilitators as soon as he arrived in Bangkok nearly a week ago for APCD’s Disability Inclusive Sports forum 2018.

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