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Running Over Barriers In The Heart Of The City

(This article first appeared on Care2Run’s Facebook page on Oct 11, 2019)

IT’S been exactly two weeks since Bursa Bull Charge 2018, and we know that for many participants, mentors and coachers, the high has yet to subside.

There were so many inspiring moments leading up to the big day and during the event itself and we were humbled by all of them.

From kids who had shied away from physical activity previously actually pushing themselves to complete the distance, to mentors who went out of their way to reassure and support their mentees, the whole experience was truly special.

Here then are a few snippets from the event on Thursday, Sept 27:

Go Izzaty, Go!

“I was actually nervous and anxious about how Izzaty would act and react on the event date. Her mentors, Liza & Padma were superb!” says Izzaty’s mum Azleen.

“My main objective to register Izzaty with Care2Run was to promote self-awareness and self-management so she can understand how she can interact with the world around her as well as to help her recognise and probably modify her behaviour. Care2Run indeed assisted Izzaty indirectly to achieve a sweet milestone. ‘Good job!’ ‘Go Izzaty, go … you can do it!” All these kind encouraging words changed Izzaty’s entire day.


Alyaa’s Grit

Alyaa suffered a fall after dinner a day before the race and was in excruciating pain. But that didn’t stop her from coming to the event to support her fellow participants. And when she was there, an extraordinary thing happened when she decided to take part despite her pain.

“She came, and she conquered her distance with grit and joy with amazing support from her Bursa Buddy Inn Inn and other Bursa Buddies and Care2Run,” said Care2Run’s Coach Mee Leng.

Independent Carina

The Bursa Bull Charge marked Carina’s first official run and the first time she was at an event without her parents being present and it was truly remarkable.

“She struggled with the loud countdown due to her sensory challenges yet she was determined to go ahead and charge from the starting line. This would not have been possible without the kind hearted Buddies support especially Mei Kim @ Amy and Salbiah,” Mee Leng said.

Shawn And The Policeman

Our participant Shawn was so geared up to run with his Bursa Malaysia mentor Muru. However, things changed five minutes into the event when the rain started pouring down. That’s when Shawn refused to run, much less walk. Muru was comforting throughout, offering Shawn chocolate, 100 Plus, a cap and even papers and pens when he realised that the boy loves taking down the details of people he meets. But Shawn still refused to walk to the finish line.

Says his mum Belinda: “Shawn kept calling for the police (one of his wishes is to become a policeman) because he said his leg was painful after getting caught in the heavy rain. So Coach Muru had no choice but to get the Bursa policeman to escort them back. “I really want to thank Coach Muru for his kindness and tender care of Shawn. Hats off to Policeman Anthony too … He was so kind and compassionate.”

[Clockwise from left] Khong Way, who did not let his bandaged hand stop him from joining a Care2Run training session. Jonathan, the third runner-up at BBC2018. Cavin, the second runner-up. Suet Ming, a fit girl who can go hiking one day and go running the next day with ease.

[Clockwise from left]: John, who impressed us with his general knowledge on the fastest man in Japan, with Kenaadi, who learnt to commute using LRT independently to attend the Care2Run sessions, and Shawn, who sped off from the starting line beyond anyone’s expectation. Omar, the first runner-up at BBC2018. Hanis, who could not join the race as she is underaged but came anyway to cheer the rest. Anas, a determined boy whom a Care2Run coach saw training for BBC2018 with his brother regularly at a park near his house.
[Clockwise from left] Aisyah, a natural leader who is always first to respond to questions and enjoys taking the lead in activities. Sazura, who travelled all the way from Kuantan to PJ just for the Care2Run practice sessions and BBC2018 event. Daniel, who is humble by nature but proud to have proven that people with cerebral palsy can indeed complete the race. Jian Shen, an active boy who enjoys running and hiking too. One of his longest hikes was 15km!
[Clockwise from left] Ne Fong, a jovial boy who shared praises about his mentor at every training session, with Brian, an equally jovial boy who gave high fives to almost every marshal along the route. Albert, emerged Top 5 at BBC2018. Ken Shern, an admirable, steady boy who cleverly deflected an unwelcomed suggestion for him to take a short cut by stating that he will not cheat and will finish the 1.5km distance, which he did! May Yoong, a participative girl who is now eagerly waiting to join the Care2Run Junior Leaders Programme.
[Clockwise from left] Seng Joon, has came a long way with Care2Run and reached a significant milestone at BBC2018 where he finished in First Place! Safwan had competing opportunities, but remained committed with Care2Run training and finished the race. Zi Ren, proudly showing his finisher’s medal, with Carina holding a token of gratitude which she gave her Mentor after the photo was taken. Xiu Qing has commendable determination. With a prosthetic leg, she walked 14 floors down as her condo lift had broken down, just so that she would not miss a Care2Run training session.

Participant demographic – Twenty-five from seven differently-abled categories:

ADHD (1)
Autism (4)
Cerebral palsy (2)
Down Syndrome (8)
Slow Processing Speed (6)
Prader Willi Syndrome (1)
Prosthetic leg / Other physical challenges (3)

Based on the official Bursa Bull Charge 2018 results, 21 out of 25 participants completed the 1.5km run despite the downpour!

The remaining four were also champions we celebrated for having the courage to participate in their maiden run and reached a new milestone. The Para Run component of BBC2018 is a joint partnership between Yayasan Bursa and Care2Run. Follow Care2Run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on upcoming runs, events and happenings.

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