Why Care2Run?

Why Care2Run? It’s simple, really – a nation is nothing without all its young people.

Unfortunately, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, 104,000 children in the country struggle due to different learning needs.

That’s 2% of all Malaysian children.

It’s a sizeable figure, no doubt. But one that even so, only takes into account those children who are documented.

Children with different learning needs struggle with in traditional learning environments only to find that the situation is much worse when they leave school and look to enter the job market or begin tertiary education.

The Malaysian Education Blueprint states that 1,934 school leavers with different learning needs struggled for placement into vocational schools in 2012. That figure is certainly higher today.


In addition to this, there is the problem of children from under-served communities and underprivileged backgrounds, who despite not struggling with learning differences, nevertheless find it difficult to gain a foothold a in society.

Care2Run’s intervention model seeks to disrupt this current trend of things and offer young people an alternative way to grow through sports, and put them on a path that will see them becoming more active, sociable and employable.

Since 2015, we have worked with 35 government schools and welfare homes and collaborated with 16 organisations and partners.

And as long as the problem persists, we are resolute in our efforts.


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